Fredsbaskermarschen – start at 3:rd of July 2013

Time to march:

It’s has always been and will always be important for soldiers to feel the support from
their beloved ones and from the people in public, though they often help others, to
complete the whole puzzle.
The idea with the march is to create attention around the Swedish fallen peace soldiers
in overseas service, but also they who came home, and have been home for many years.
Soon it’s 20 years since I did my last overseas service and I got no possibility to do more,
therefore I would like to help my colleagues and the Fredsbaskrarna to work for the
The march will start in Ystad to the memory of Fu Fransson where he lays, Fransson
died in his peace service in 1991. We will pass Anderslöv, Oxie, Malmö, Hjärup, Lund,
Löddeköpinge, Landskrona, Glumslöv, Helsingborg, Ängelholm, Båstad, Gullbranna,
Halmstad where we will stop by the memorial stone, Falkenberg, Varberg, Frillesås,
Kungsbacka, Göteborg and Hindås. About 440 km (273 miles) in 17 days.
The march is divided in many stages so that everyone that wants to participate should
be able to that as long as they are able, and wants. The more who march together, the
more attention we will get and hopefully sell more Yellow ribbons (Gula band).
It would have been wonderful, that when we march into a city all the veterans with
family will be there for all of us.
During the march I will be working with the Yellow ribbon (Gula bandet) together with
Fredsbaskrarna and through publicity through Facebook, this webpage, newspapers,
radio and TV.
As the creator of this march, I feel that it’s an honour to spend my vacation for this

As one of many proud veterans.

Lars-Göran Nyholm